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  • 2022 ChamberChoice People's Choice - TNT Kid's Fitness

  • 2022 ChamberChoice People's Choice - TNT Kid's Fitness

    2022 ChamberChoice People's Choice - TNT Kid's Fitness

    Knowing that not every child has the same opportunities as others, TNT Kid’s Fitness in Fargo was founded upon the mission of unlocking potential through movement for individuals of all abilities.
    It started in summer 2006 when a small group of people designed an inclusive gymnastics space to provide programming and physical activity for children with special needs alongside competitive athletes.
    The non-profit’s values are Balance, Education, Loyalty, Innovation, Equality, Versatility, and Equality. Together, this stands for Believe. And you had better believe that the team at TNT Kid’s Fitness is breaking down barriers, solving challenges through innovative solutions, and making a difference in the lives of so many families.
    Throughout its history, the team at TNT has developed a wide range of special needs curriculum, professional development, adult fitness and occupational therapy programs, and community partnerships to enhance learning for all abilities. Its values are instilled in team members through knowing that everyone is an influencer.
    The organization has partnered with Essentia Health for 10 years to serve children 0-5 years old, representing the most critical years of a child’s life. Working with its pediatric health services helps kids grow physically, cognitively, and emotionally.
    TNT’s Explorer Academy is North Dakota’s first K-8 special education day school with project-based STEAM and motor program opportunities. TNT designed the state’s first sensory gym in a school setting, providing a safe place for students to explore their unique abilities.
    Another partnership is with NFL Jets center and Fargo native Connor McGovern for its ABLE vision. This brand was created off a framework of movement, education, and vocation, and set out to change the trajectory of inclusion in competitions, in physical education curriculum in schools, and in workplaces. TNT is creating strategies around a cradle to workforce vocation pathway to address labor shortages and support special needs individuals working in our communities.
    TNT is using focus groups across the state to test the ABLE education and P.E. curriculum, and it’s being executed in 10 public school settings.
    In 2021, it held the inaugural ABLE Games, the region’s first all-inclusive test of functional fitness with athletes celebrating all abilities. It drew 75 teams, 150 athletes, over 200 volunteers, and hundreds of spectators.
    When the pandemic hit and schools went virtual, the TNT team redesigned its programming from daytime gymnastics to active education using a “think tank” approach. It created a full school day to serve 50 children, held Zoom classes with 50 teachers, reworked its facility, and strengthened its partnership with local schools.
    Reaching well beyond our own community, a video of a TNT wheelchair-bound child laughing in delight on a trampoline with his trainer went viral, made national news, and garnered over 4 million views, perfectly illustrating the impact of TNT’s programs.
    Establishing itself as a community asset and homegrown treasure, TNT Kid’s Fitness certainly earned its pick as the 2022 People’s Choice Award, and will continue to positively impact generations to come.

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