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  • The Importance of Small Businesses

  • The Importance of Small Businesses

    The Importance of Small Businesses

    Dear Members,

    I am honored and blessed to be the leader of this organization, and thinking about it gets me a little choked up because I am very passionate about the work we are doing. When my family and I moved here almost a year ago, we were absolutely blown away. This community, unlike any other we have lived in, shows up for one another. You all show up when there are problems to solve, questions to ask, people to help, events to attend, celebrations to enjoy and so much more.  What my family and I found here was unbelievable and unexpected; we found passionate people that care about where we are headed in the future.
    I am thankful to have had the opportunity last month at our Annual Celebration to set the tone and vision for our organization and for the community that we serve. I am excited about the collaborative opportunities we have with so many great partners and organizations to bring our missions together to make an immense impact on our region. We are positioned well for the future.
    It is fitting to be having these conversations about the strength of our community and region, as it is now the month of Small Business Saturday. Small Businesses make up over 70% of The Chamber's membership, and they truly are the backbone of not only our organization but the entire community. We are honored to share a few of their stories this month in The Bridge. On Saturday, November 27, be sure to support our small business Chamber members, and all small businesses in our community!
    To all of our small business owners and operators; know that we are here for you, we will be your voice when you need it, and we will continue to strive to give you the access and engagement you need at any stage in your journey.

    Shannon Full
    President & CEO

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