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  • Regional collaboration is key to our success

  • Regional collaboration is key to our success

    Regional collaboration is key to our success

    As I write this, we have just wrapped up the 2021 State of the Cities – my first signature event with this Chamber. I am so impressed and inspired by the leadership of our local officials in both the public and private sector, by the talent of our team, by the support of our sponsors and by the level of engagement from the about 500 virtual attendees. So many of you asked insightful questions and participated in the live polls to share the issues that mattered most to you. Thank you.

    This event serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing a metro mentality. As a bi-state region made up of multiple communities, we really are in it together. We grow together, thrive together, and lift up and challenge each other. When one of us wins, we all win. When we work together, we can accomplish so much more.

    I have already seen the diverse range of talents and thought leaders making up this metro, and I believe we are poised well for success. Our mayors all talked extensively about the collaborations happening among our cities’ leadership. At The Chamber, we are also passionately exploring even more opportunities for partnership.

    Live polls at the event revealed that workforce and talent was the top issue our business community saw as our region’s biggest challenge. It’s an issue we know many of you are feeling, and one we are ready to tackle. My vision is to establish strategic collaborations between business and education, to develop programs to support our workforce, to attract and retain top talent in our community, to be competitive and economically strong, and to share the message about the liveable, workable and vibrant neighborhoods that make up our community. We can be that catalyst for growth and prosperity. A few initiatives are already in the works, and we will have more to share with you soon.

    We must bring everyone to the table to solve these challenges and see real change begin to happen. When we embrace a metro mentality and make decisions as a region – one not divided by sides of an aisle or a river – incredible things will begin to happen. I must give credit to the employers and institutions addressing these issues. Great strides have been made already, and they will pave the way for continued growth.

    I am so excited to work alongside all of you.

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