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  • Our Commitment to Young Professionals

  • Our Commitment to Young Professionals

    Our Commitment to Young Professionals

    Dear Members, 

    This month we are shining a light on the vibrant, young talent we have in our great community. Young professionals are the heart of our organizations, neighborhoods and community culture, and they play an integral role in the future of our region.

    In my early 20s, I started engaging with my local chamber of commerce as a member and volunteer. This involvement allowed me to form meaningful relationships and connections with peers and leaders throughout the community, and I was eventually approached by the chamber president who insisted that I apply to take over her president/CEO position at the Fridley Chamber. I didn’t feel ready or qualified in the slightest, yet she took me under her wing for six months of mentorship, and at age 24, I was officially running that chamber of commerce. I share this story because it was her commitment, mentorship and investment in me as a young professional that shaped and elevated my life and career path. I’m sure that many of you reading this have a similar story or memory, and we must emphasize our commitment to the young leaders in our organizations and community. At The Chamber, we believe that a community influenced by young professionals will be more globally competitive, thriving and successful. We are extremely fortunate to have five universities in our region with over 35,000 students, and we are committed to creating opportunities to further connect, engage and develop these students to retain and intertwine them into the future fabric of our community.

    - Shannon

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