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  • CONNECTIONS (formerly P.U.S.H.)


    The Evolution of P.U.S.H.


    Pursue Dreams | Unite Women | Shatter Barriers | Have Heart


  • Mission: To create a supportive network of women who empower each other to ask tough questions, challenge the norm and grow individually and professionally.

    Vision: We aspire to change the way women encourage each other and empower themselves.


    Getting Started

    Welcome! We are thrilled that you are starting a PUSH group. Get ready, because exciting things are going to start happening for you and your fellow PUSH members.

    Don’t wait any longer. Here’s how you get started!

    1. Join our PUSH Facebook group to connect with other members and find current discussion prompts and inspiration.
    2. Have a Coffee Connect, with someone new or someone you’ve connected with before, and make the commitment to starting a PUSH group.
    3. Plan your next Coffee Connect and invite two or more women to join. When your group reaches a number that feels right (we recommend around eight, but it’s really up to your group), get together to complete registration and decide if your group will meet for coffee, lunch, dinner, wine, or have a theme. Decide how often you will meet. Do what works for you.
    4. Discuss the Rules of Engagement.
    5. When your PUSH group is complete, please fill out the Registration Form and submit.
    6. Cheers! Clink those coffee mugs together, here’s to your new PUSH group and all that it will bring!


    No group? No problem! We would be happy to place you in a group with some amazing women from the community. Simply email push@fmwfchamber.com with your first and last name, employer, title, preferred meeting time (morning, daytime or evening), and intention (networking, friendships, growth, or all of the above).

    Remember, you can always contact Nicole or Rylee if you have questions.

  • Women in our community are finding success through a network of supportive women.

    Here’s what others are saying about PUSH:

    “This group has given me connections and support in a way that I haven't had before. We're able to relate to each other; listen to, support, and encourage each other; learn from each other; learn from our shared goals; share personal and professional challenges and triumphs. This group has brought incredible value to me, and I think we all believe that we not only gain from but also contribute to the value of the group. It's been an awesome experience.”

    "During a time of job hunting, my PUSH group was there for me to pick me up, check-in and provide connections. Every woman deserves a driven group that they can lean on!"

    "I love our group! It's nice to network with other Ladies in our community. I like listening to things happening with others. I go home feeling better after our get-togethers. It's nice to have a group to run things by and get other perspectives."

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