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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits will membership provide?

  • Numerous opportunities to meet, socialize, network, seek advice and share experiences with other ambitious and like-minded professionals.
  • Access to a wide variety of training programs specifically designed to heighten knowledge and contribute to the success of young professionals.
  • Increased awareness about arts and cultural opportunities available in the community.
  • Resources and support to help grow and assist local entrepreneurs.
  • Guidance from area business champions.
  • Business promotion opportunities.

What is the age range of Young Professionals Network members?

A majority of our members are between the ages of 25 to 35 however, membership is not limited to an age range. We welcome all business professionals.

Besides attending events, what opportunities are there to become more involved in the YPN?

All members of the Young Professionals Network are invited to serve on any of the following sub-committees which provide the overall direction of the program.

  • Entrepreneurs Anonymous - Connects, mentors, educates, and supports entrepreneurs in the community.
  • Professional Development - Works to provide young professionals with learning opportunities and resources that will help them achieve success in their chosen profession.
  • Membership Services - Assists with recruitment and retention of YPN members, assists with special events designed to promote member involvement and helps to retain members through personal contact, information, encouragement and support.
  • Social – Provides social activities and networking opportunities that are of interest to young professionals.

Do I need to join the YPN or can I attend events without being a member?

Many of our events are open to the public. Non-members will pay a higher cost to attend events and will not be eligible for many of the benefits members enjoy.

How many members are enrolled in the program?

More than 450 young professionals from throughout the region are involved in the YPN.

How much does it cost to join the Young Professionals Network?

The annual cost for membership is $45 for members of the Chamber of Commerce of Fargo Moorhead and $75 for non-members.

How do I join the Young Professionals Network?

Learn more here.

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